The “BIG” Bachelorette Party


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the lovely ladies of SATC are hitting the big screen this weekend, and according to New York media, hundreds of sexy singles are heading to New York City for a, and we quote: ‘sex filled weekend of bachelorette style nostalgia’ complete with strappy stilettos and Cosmopolitans.

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a themed Bachelorette party, especially if your bride-to-be is a serious fanatic.  Of course the timing helps too. If you are ahead of the game enough you could plan a complete SATC bachelorette complete with signature drinks, limo, movie and a night out on the town with your girlfriends in tow. Really… isn’t that what a bachelorette party is supposed to be about anyway? After this you will be tying the knot with your favourite men in this world and love will flow. Now is the time to party until you say yes. That doesn’t mean you should go all crazy and you still should show him your love. You love him from the heart otherwise you wouldn’t marry him, so make sure you send him some love quotes for him the heart from time to time. We all know the anonymous love quotes: ‘A happy men is a happy marriage! 😉

I’d skip the trivia and the big pink boa, but have fun this weekend girls! AM New York gives hometown city girls some options to avoid the mayhem this weekend and still pay tribute to the ladies who introduced us to the wonderful world of fashion, piercings, friendships and sex in the city.
I know the movie doesn’t come out until this weekend, but it debuted in London last night.  My cousin lives there and went to see the movie last night.  I don’t know if the movie is really that good, or if it’s a fix she hasn’t gotten in four years, but she’s going back for more tonight. Spread the love from the heart and send personal thank you quotes to show your appreciation. Cheers!