Color Inspiration: Pink & Green…

Oh the ultra preppy, ultra fun and flirty color combo. Perfect for beach side, destination and tropical weddings that embrace the bright colors. Depending on your details you can substitute traditional wedding dresses or bikini’s with patterned Lilly dresses. I will caution you. Lilly is not a cheap brand. But you get what you pay […]

Engagement Ring Wedding

Accessorize your Wedding Ring Finger..Diamonds

Ok so I’m really not a big jewlery girl, so it takes some seriously unique and fun stuff to get me going. I’m pretty classic. I wear the same stuff every day, HOWEVER… if I were to amp up my accessory world Kate Gray Designs is where I would start, and then I would follow […]

Wedding Belles Online

Champagne & Cupcakes

My cousin got an invitation in her in-box from Kate Spade for a Champagne & Cupcakes party promoting their Spring line.  I thought it was such a cute idea that I needed to pass it on as a shower idea. Shower’s are stuffy no matter how you try to shake ‘em up.  BUT, lately more “unconventional” […]


The “BIG” Bachelorette Party

Berger…Aidan…Big. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the lovely ladies of SATC are hitting the big screen this weekend, and according to New York media, hundreds of sexy singles are heading to New York City for a, and we quote: ‘sex filled weekend of bachelorette style nostalgia’ complete with strappy stilettos […]


Single fear in Wedding Season…

My wonderful friend Gina… who is happily involved in a relationship passed this blog-worthy article on to me to share with you all. I have to agree that being single during the engagement and wedding season can be a bit angst ridden… it’s also a really great opportunity to meet. and I quote: ‘nice, hot, […]


WED Favorites: Eco Chic Weddings

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would think green and give you some of my WED favorite “eco-friendly” ideas to style your wedding all happy and green without wasting and killing unnecessary trees. Dressed to Impress… Go classic with this twist on the little black “organic” dress for your rehearsal dinner. The CMarchuska  Sylvia dress […]